Widex_Dex Series

A Family of remote hi-tech devices to help with impaired hearing


We helped Widex define and design a family of hi technology remote accessories for use with their range of digital hearing aids, to help improve impaired hearing.
Three devices were developed – RC-Dex: A simple small three-button pocket remote control device for adjusting program and volume on digital hearing aids. TV-Dex: A remote device with a base connected to the TV. It streams the sound through the hearing aid and is controlled via a handheld remote device. M-Dex: Offering wireless connectivity between the hearing aid and mobile phone, turning the hearing aid into a wireless headset. It also has a function called FreeFocus. This function lets the user focus their hearing in selected directions.

A process of workshops and iterations

The project was initiated through a series of workshops with the R&D team at Widex. Together we defined the basis for the devices and their functionality. The industrial design was developed in parallel with hardware internals with a focus on creating a strong family look and feel across the devices.  The challenge was to preserve the original design intent through the development journey, as the project matured with regards to economy, components and features.

Hi-tech yet simple and friendly 

Technophobia in the older generations is common, and being prescribed a hearing aid can be overwhelming. To combat this, we focused in on creating a friendly and straightforward soft form with clear interfaces while at the same time acknowledging that the trends in mobile phones and fitting in with store dispensers buying into the product. Our research showed that stores are more often than not, technology-driven and looking for a comprehensive offering.



iF Product Design Award 2012

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