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Lego Education & IMID

We worked with Lego Education to help bring the Pre-School product, Creative Builder to life.

Creative Builder is a collaborative learning product for children that uses standing building instruction environments to build up against. Children collaborate by being able to construct on opposite sides of the building instruction cards together.

Standing up

The original brief was to investigate new possibilities with using printed building instructions for Lego Duplo models. Initial concepts used 1:1 scale 2D illustrations to help ease the building process. We then had an idea to stand up the instructions to build against rather than lying down. Building up against the cards made building more intuitive for the age group and created possibilities for using the opposite side of the card. This Made, for a unique and fun collaborative learning experience.

Discussion around environments

The double-sided building instruction cards are themed. Each side relates to the model on the opposite side. On model completion, the card can be removed to reveal a completed environment (e.g. bird and tree or boat and lighthouse). Discussing the relationships between the models in the classroom extends the learning experience.

Brick from the dead

While looking for a simple way to stand the building instruction cards, we discovered an old Lego brick with slots. We used this brick with success to support the cards in an upright position for an easy assembly. The brick was out of production, but the tooling was recovered, and Lego was able to reproduce it for this set. The brick is still alive and used in many other pre-school sets for the same principal.

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