Voo Évasion

Delivering a state of the art television experience

Voo, Cisco & IMID

We worked with Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT and networking and Voo, the leading television brand in Belgium, on the industrial design of their latest Évasion Set Top Box. Évasion packages the latest technology by Cisco, delivering a premiere interaction and viewing experience for the Belgian market.

A canvas for the brand

The rigid monolithic form is designed to reflect the television format and a simplicity to help lend it a long life. The flat surfaces act as a canvas for the brand logo elements that are applied in the details to lend a personality. A pattern was made from the VOO logo that became a functional element on the box. It works for both the ventilation on the Évasion box and as a grip release area on the back of the remote for access to the batteries.

Sketch models, economy and interfaces

Iterations on design concepts were made as quick sketch models to test for usability and form on both the Évasion remote and Set Top Box.
The economic constraints of the project did not allow for a bespoke remote but did allow us to fit a new design around an existing remote to help keep a coherent look and feel between the remote and Set Top Box.
The Four soft arrow keys and OK interface area on the Set Top Box front lens have a capacitive sensing function and visibly light up only when a hand/finger is within proximity. This detail helps to reduce an interfering clutter of light when not in use and simplifies the design expression.

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