Rogers NextBox

Cisco/Technicolor Design Language

Customer customized

We worked with Cisco/Technicolor to create a new design language for their Media server and DVR product portfolio. The design enables customers the opportunity to customize elements to fit with their brand identity and offer a product that goes beyond the off the shelf solution. The modular assembly concept is built around a frame with panels that fit into it. Customers can choose between different cost versions and colour elements to work with their branding.


Rogers is a leading Canadian company delivering communications services and information technology solutions to homes across Canada. Rogers was the first company to use the Technicolor design language in their NextBox DVR player. The base panel was matched to the red in their brand colour. This helped enhance and bring coherence through their physical products and online presence.


We worked on a range of concept design proposals for the Technicolor CES stand to best present the new product offerings.

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