Phase One

Phase One_XF V-Grip

Improving handheld workflow with the XF camera

A workflow enhancing add-on

We worked with Phase One to develop the first Vertical Grip for the XF camera body. The XF V-Grip connects to the camera base and provides photographers with an ideal ergonomic when shooting in portrait mode, improving their workflow. Our approach was user centred and developed in collaboration with selected professional photographers.

Opening up

The driving design feature of the open hole through the XF V-Grip design has benefits in both appearance and functionality. The opening through the V-Grip lightens the perceived volume and weight of the camera and also provides a large surface area for the photographer to feel secure when holding the camera, both in shooting and between shots with it being able to easily hang from the hand.

Progress through physical models

Making physical sketch models with a variety of materials helped us to quickly and easily try out, communicate and appraise a wide range of concepts with Phase One stakeholders and professional photographers. This process helped us to iron out issues early and enabled a more inclusive involvement with client and user.

Testing with experienced users

Through interviewing and testing prototype concepts with a variety of professional photographers we were better able to resolve pre-conceived ideas around the design. This enabled us to quickly reach conclusions and arrive at an optimal design solution early.

Phase One

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