Transforming unused parking meter posts into functional bicycle racks across the city


From parking meter posts to bicycle racks

Due to the success of the Hoop Rack we designed for NYC we were delighted to be commissioned by DOT NYC to design another new bicycle parking solution for the city. The new rack is part of the continued effort by the Department of Transport (DOT) to make New York City a more friendly environment for cyclists. The task for the new solution was to transform existing and unused parking meter posts into bicycle racks.

Part of a family

We set out to create a design that would fit alongside the NYC Hoop rack design. Creating a coherent family look and feel for the bicycle racks throughout the city both strengthens the NYC DOT cycling communication and enables cyclists to quickly and easily identify with the design.

Conceptual thinking

We initiated the project through a process of thinking around conceptual principles for ways of transforming the existing parking meter post into suitable rack proposals for securing bicycles too. We considered different ways of working with the remaining parking meter post to mount too and ways of getting the expression from the Hoop Rack translated into what we ended up calling the Wrap design to help create a coherent language for bicycle parking solutions.

Testing and iterations

The development of the design went through a period of real life prototype testing on the streets and design variations were reviewed for strength, production cost and ease of install within the legal weight for a 2 man installation. The final design like the Hoop Rack is made from galvanised ductile iron using a sand casting manufacturing process.



Book: Velo City, Prestel by Gavin Blyth, 2014


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