Brooks_Victoria Saddle Bag

A handbag with roots in the bicycle saddle

Hermes & Brooks

The Brooks, Victoria Saddle Handbag project was originally designed for the Prix Emile Hermes competition and then later acquired from us by Brooks. It is now produced by Brooks and functions as a handbag only.

Connecting accoutrements

The project started out by thinking around bicycle bags, and questioning if the bicycle bag could become a more integrated part of the bicycle?
From looking at traditional leather saddle bags and their placement behind the saddle we played with physically connecting both the bag and the leather saddle to make something new. What evolved was a leather saddle cover with integrated saddle bag that could all be removed and then fold together to become a handbag away from the bicycle. A fun, smart and stylish thing.

Creating character

Our aim was for the bag to communicate its bag look while mounted on the bicycle seat. One key detail that helped to achieve this is the continuous unbroken single piece of leather connecting bag lid and saddle. We also made the handle strap for the bag a prominent detail, you can clearly recognise it as a handbag handle while on the saddle.
When removed and taken away from the bicycle it transforms by folding into a clutch sized handbag with the female cyclist in mind. The handbag has the form of a bicycle saddle creating unique character, and communicating a cycling story away from the bicycle.

Quality and care

With the initial idea that the bag and saddle cover parts were to be made from a high quality leather and hand stitched by the Hermes brand we wanted it to be something that could be both protected from the natural elements and possible theft. By allowing the leather part to be fully removed leaving only a skeleton saddle base a protected premium solution was achieved.



Book: Velo 2nd Gear, Bicycle Culture and Style by Gestalten, 2013.


25 March to 23 October 2016, Bike to the FutureDesign Museum Gent, Belgium, IMF Foundation Co production

Prix Emile Hermes Exhibitions

17 September to 11 November 2008, Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris
3 December 2008 to 8 February 200, MUDAC in Lausanne
15 February to 12 April 2009, Grand Hornu in Hornu
April 2009, Triennale di Milano
May 2009, DDC in Copenhagen
September 2009, Benaki Museum in Athens
2nd semester 2009, Vitra Design Museum in Berlin
2nd semester 2009, Barcelona Centre de Disseny in Barcelona

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