Anyware Smart Adaptor: Now on Indegogo

Anyware & IMID

We were excited to collaborate with innovative startup Anyware Solutions to help them develop the concept and design of the Anyware Smart Adaptor™ currently available to support on Indegogo.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor™ is the world’s smartest and smallest connected lamp socket adaptor designed to provide next generation home automation for everyone. Easy to install and easy to use by all household members.
It offers unprecedented feature richness from advanced lighting control to seamless home monitoring and security, thanks to its built-in ambient light, sound, temperature and humidity sensors.

Anyware Solutions provide meaningful smart home experiences for connected living that offer users peace of mind and add convenience to everyday life.


The compact challenge

Two of the key challenges with the design were size and shape. A small compact size was imperative for optimal bulb position in a lamp holder. The approach was design driven to find the smallest optimal size to house the estimated internal components. Through working in this way we challenged the engineering and in turn helped Anyware realise ideas now in the patent process.

It was obvious that in trying to solve space issues through using the same size thread in both the lamp socket and Smart Adaptor would not work. We overcame this through stepping down the size of bulb thread fitting to the adaptor from E27/E26 to E14/12.



Fitting to environment and considered detailing

We intended the design to fit in with the surrounding connected components for an integrated, neutral and uninterrupted installed look. The tapered form provides space for the internal components and speaks to the spread of a beam of light.
We worked with the branding, communicative and functional elements subtly in the details, tying brand elements and functions together.


Now on Indegogo

Together with Anyware Solutions we have solved many functional, aesthetic and engineering issues in a compact coherent design. You can support this fantastic project now on Indegogo!

ANYWARE on Indegogo