Brooks: Victoria Saddle Bag

*** New: At Eurobike 2012 Brooks introduced a new shoulder strap version of our Victoria Saddle Bag design and a range of new colours to the line.

The Victoria Saddle Bag design for Brooks grew out of playful fashion observations within cycling.

Through observing the problems with how women carried their bags while cycling and the problems with using existing saddle bags in inner city environments, we started to think about how a bag could be more integrated with the bicycle, make for an easier ride and be easy to add and remove.

These observations lead to considering the relationship between the saddle and the bag. Initially we thought that there might be an idea in being able to take your saddle and saddlebag with you as you do your bag.

The bag and saddle integration became a functional product as well as something full of character. The bag takes on a very saddle look, which makes it very iconic as a bag form. A conscious decision was made not to hide the bag expression in its saddle use so as to express its other function in transformation.
Existing saddle bags do not offer a friendly opportunity to ‘take it with you’ and are therefore not really a viable option when thinking inner city use due to risk of theft.

The design from Brooks is intended as a bag only and is not designed to fit existing Brooks saddles.

Designed by Ian Mahaffy